How to use our black truffle breakings

How to use our black truffle breakings

About the product

The black truffle breakings is the Tuber melanosporum truffle, renowned for its high culinary qualities, which we grate and cook in preserves without preservatives, only with its own juice and salt. This way the black truffle preserves all its properties and flavour to the maximum, and this is possible because we use authentic black truffle selected at its optimum moment. This product is ready to use in the kitchen and will help to improve exponentially an endless number of dishes.

Black Truffle Breakings

Recommendations about the black truffle breakings

We recommend its use to truffle the best dishes in a simple way and with a very elegant flavour. We can therefore add it while preparing a recipe and mixing the black truffle breakings with the rest of the ingredients, such as in a parmentier, or distribute the truffle just before serving on top of the dish so that it has greater presence and stands out.

How to use our black truffle breakings

In the case of the breakings, the black truffle comes already grated and with its juice, so with just a spoon we can use it in a wide variety of recipes, sweet and savoury, also in hot and cold dishes.

In addition, the juice that accompanies the breakings will help us to flavour the dish, or if we prefer we can keep it to prepare a sauce.

With the whole black truffle breakings, we can give a touch to an endless number of dishes, and it will be very good for truffling oils, sauces and white meat fillings.

Here is how we can use the black truffle breakings in recipes at home:

Easy recipes with our black truffle breakings

Chicken supreme with black truffle

Finish the dish by adding the truffle breakings on top of the chicken breast, giving it a very special touch.

Black Truffle Breakings

Beef Carpaccio with black truffle and parmesan cheese

When we have placed the veal carpaccio on the plate, we add the black truffle with the help of a brush.

Black Truffle Breakings

Magret of duck with truffled pear jam

We incorporate black truffle breakings in the pear jam to truffle this accompaniment.

Black Truffle Breakings

Truffled Potato Parmentier

When the potato is well cooked, add the butter and the black truffle breakings.

Black Truffle Breakings
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